A delicious breakfast on Sunday, enthusiastic children during the Easter hunt, me-time, ...
A delicious piece of premium Belgian Chocolate is fitting for all these occasions, made with the best ingredients.
Libeert is committed, since 1923, to create wonderful stories and we are curious about your Easter story.

Join our challenge and share your beautiful Easter stories, photos or selfies with #LibeertEasterSelfie on Instagram. Sharing your stories on Facebook is also possible, but do not forget to tag Libeert in the picture and to mention #LibeertEasterSelfie.

Who knows, one of Libeert biggest clients = the Easter bunny, finds your pictures very original and so you may win 1 of the 100 chocolate gifts or 1 of the 75 family tickets (=4 tickets) for the movie “Rikkie de Ooievaar”, available in the cinema from 28 march.

Do you join us? Together, we can capture unforgettable Easter Moments!

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