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Superior Taste Award Libeert

Ever since 1923, LIBEERT has been creating premium Belgian chocolate with passion and dedication. Taste one of our premium chocolate creations and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure.


Belgian family business, fourth generation

We merge family tradition and expertise at Libeert with the latest production techniques and thus create a gourmet product made from 100% cocoa butter, according to a secret, well-kept family recipe.

Change of name to Libeert

Originally known as Italo Suisse, we recently changed our name to Libeert, the family surname of our owners. With a new name and the same passion for premium Belgian chocolate, craftmanship and service, we create the most delicious chocolate hollows, bars and chocolates.

Our Libeert chocolate

With our range of LIBEERT chocolate figures, we turn festive moments such as Easter, Saint Nicholas and Christmas into magical moments. We recently launched a new LIBEERT LUXURY range, premium hollows directed towards adults for gifting. Also the tablets and chocolates have been relaunched in a new luxury look under the brand LIBEERT. Libeert, products to enjoy... for young and old!