New: Libeert launches luxury line

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016

New luxury line from chocolatier Libeert.

Belgian chocolate at its best

The Belgian company Libeert, specialist in premium Belgian chocolate, is proud to present its new luxury line: beautiful showpieces for the festive season in the form of hollow figurines, pralines and slabs of chocolate, including three chocolate bars with special attention to the origins of chocolate.

Innovative chocolate, full of flavour

Beautiful hollow Santa Clauses, a series of Christmas baubles and an extravagant chocolate Christmas tree, made up of Christmas baubles, are a feast for the eyes and a delight for your taste buds. The products are packed in an exclusive, stylish gift box with a label on, to which a personal message can be added. The slabs of chocolate and pralines also got a new luxurious look. And there is a special range of origin bars with an extraordinary taste experience, made from carefully selected cocoa beans from Vietnam, Congo and Ecuador. Would you like to finish the Christmas lunch with a delicious piece of chocolate or give someone an original, chocolate gift? All is possible thanks to the new line of Libeert. Let Libeert surprise you this festive season and start 2016 with a bang!

The perfect festive season gift

Mix ancient traditions, a well-kept secret family recipe and brand new technologies ... and you get Libeert chocolate. It has been known for its delicious taste since 1923. The family business started as Italo Suisse but recently changed its name to the familyname of the owners. In the meantime the 4th generation became active in the company. Under a new name and with the same passion for premium Belgian chocolate, Libeert perfectly responds to the trends concerning luxury, premium and gifting with the new luxury line. The new Libeert luxury range for adults complements the existing 'fun' range, which is more directed at children.