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Libeert Origin chocolates

You’ve had a long and tiresome day. You are utterly exhausted and all you want is to plump down on the sofa, put up your tired feet and rest your weary soul. Travel may be the last thing on your mind and yet, the world is at your feet. What if you could go on a journey from the comfort of your couch? With Libeert Origin Bars, you can travel to far-flung places and let your tastebuds discover three different continents. Each with their own character and unique flavors.

Fasten your seatbelt, ready for culinary take-off!

Vietnam - 73%


A destination for the curious traveller who is always on the lookout for gems off the beaten path, not yet discovered by herds of tourists…

You might be thinking of hiking up a lonely mountain pass or searching for the perfect, remote cove beach. Maybe you’d like to explore old towns and ancient ruins. Go swimming in emerald waters and explore wild islands. No matter where you go in this astonishingly exotic country, one thing is for sure: you will be dazzled by its breathtaking natural beauty.

More than just a natural paradise, Vietnam is also a country with a unique heritage. You’ll discover that its people have a striking spirit, resilience and an unbeatable lust for life. Their enthusiasm will leave no soul untouched.

The combination of the country’s history, the wealth of its natural resources and the determination of its inhabitants also make for a culinary superpower in the making. Taste the terroir with a chunk of our Vietnam origin chocolate. A robust dark chocolate made of Trinitario cocoa beans, grown in the Mekong delta. With a genuine earthy taste and delicate hints of citrus, wood and tobacco, they ensure a refined and pure taste, just like their beautiful country of origin.

So have a bite and dream of wild adventures in the Little Venice of Asia…

Congo - 60%


For the seasoned explorer who cherishes a pure and authentic experience in a tropical place…

There is something truly magical about Africa’s second-largest nation. Its countryside carpeted by vast stretches of rainforest, dotted with towering mountain peaks and smoking volcanoes, gushing rivers running through it. Wisps of mist providing cover for the giant primates that roam the forests.

Congo offers the ultimate African immersion to its visitors: voyaging on the Congo river, climbing to high altitudes for epic views and wading through thick, luscious rainforests in search of the adventure of a lifetime.

The heart of Africa is alive with vibrantly colorful flowers, flourishing fruits and lush green plants. Its abundant natural beauty and wealth is only matched by the kind-hearted, generous and proud people that inhabit it.

It’s in this extraordinary country that local farmers carefully harvest the ‘Forastero doux’ Amelonado cocoa beans. Our dark Congo origin chocolate, made from these exquisite beans, strikes the perfect balance between a roasted mocha flavor and sweet and fruity notes of raisin and honey.

By the very essence of its splendor and variety, Congo is an African experience you’ll never forget. Just one piece of our origin chocolate is enough to take you there…

Ecuador - 71%


For true lovers of nature, looking for a wide variety of experiences...

Looking for a good place to start your travels in Central and South America? Ecuador is a safe bet. This small but friendly nation truly has it all. From Andean mountain peaks to the Amazon rainforest, from authentic indigenous markets to picturesque colonial towns, from cultural splendor to stunning scenery – visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the dazzling array of wonders they find on their trails.

Ecuador boasts an impressive historical legacy, lively highland markets, striking colonial architecture and a diverse mix of people. Talking about people, you’ll find that Ecuadorians make for the perfect hosts: they are remarkably cheerful and very warm and welcoming towards visitors.

From the dense jungle wilderness in the east to the vast plains in the coastal area, Ecuador teems with life. And it’s these fertile alluvial plains that provide abundant produce and the most tasteful of foods: banana’s, sugar, coffee, rice and – you’ve guessed it - cocoa beans.

The exceptional fine flavor and rich aroma of Ecuador’s cocoa beans are what make our dark origin chocolate truly remarkable. Travel enthusiasts and chocolate connoisseurs alike will surely appreciate the soft and subtle aromas suggestive of flowers, raisins, acid and smoked cocoa. Have a taste, close your eyes and discover a magnificent little part of the world…

Discover the taste

  • Vietnam 73%: This dark chocolate is produced from Trinitario cocoa beans grown in the Mekong delta of Vietnam, the ‘Little Venice’ of Asia. These cocoa beans have an unexpected taste: a pronounced acid cocoa taste enriched with citrus, wood and tobacco notes.
  • Ecuador 71%: The exceptional fine flavour and rich aroma of Ecuador’s cacao beans are the main characteristics of this dark chocolate. The high cocoa content delivers soft and subtle aromas suggestive of flowers, raisins, acid cocoa and smoked cocoa, finished off with a hint of humus.
  • Congo 60%: This dark chocolate combines the aromas of raisins, honey and coffee with the creaminess of butter and a hint of hazelnuts.