De Libeert familie


A story about passion for chocolate

In 1923, progenitor Joseph Dequeker started a chocolate company in Izegem under the name “Italo Suisse”. But, in Izegem everyone knew it as “Het Chocoladefabriekske” (the little chocolate factory). Italo Suisse refers to the 2 countries where Joseph learned how to make chocolate. His mission? To use his experience to make real Belgian chocolate. The production moved from Izegem to Roeselare in the 1930s.


Een verhaal van passie voor chocolade

Chocolate figurines, a new story

Daughter Thérèse joined the business with her husband Antoine Libeert and together they explored the market of hollow chocolate figurines. With a lot of success.  The cheerful figurines always make the children extra happy at parties such as Easter and the Feast of Saint Nicholas. Eating, or seeing, a piece of Libeert chocolate will soon evoke memories.

Chocolade figuren,  een nieuw verhaal

Never too old for chocolate

Thanks to their success, more hollow figurines were added and it expanded the range of chocolate even further. The third generation started with the production of chocolate slabs and pralines. From then on, young and old were assured of Libeert chocolate, in whatever shape or form.

Nooit te oud voor chocolade

Tasty Stories

The great-grandchildren of the founder joined the business in 2013 and in 2015 the company name changed to Libeert. The company clearly showed that they were a family business in heart and soul. Ready for the future, the chocolate inspired all generations to create tasty stories.

Heerlijke  verhalen

This calls for more

People enjoy delicious Libeert chocolate everywhere in the world. And still made according to the old (secret) family recipe. Although the chocolate didn't change, the environment changed a lot. With The Family Recipe, Libeert offers an answer to the challenges of today. Optimisation and manufacturing in a sustainable way simultaneously. But, also taking a definite stand when it comes to the most current issues. A new generation is ready in the meantime and the search for new products and flavours can continue.

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