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Together with Libeert, create exactly the type of chocolate that adds value to your category and puts a smile on your customers' faces.


Your chocolate creation
in 4 steps

Milk • Dark • White • Caramel

Belgium is known worldwide for its top-quality artisanal chocolate. A tradition that dates back to the 19th century. Libeert has also built up a hundred years of experience and keeps this tradition alive. Choose between 4 flavours: milk, dark, white or caramel.


Classic • Bio • Origin • Vegan

Are you looking for single origin chocolate with cocoa beans from a specific region, such as Peru or Ecuador? Or organic chocolate? You're sure to find what you're looking for in our wide range of chocolate, of which we source sustainably. Furthermore, our chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter, with no added palm oil.

Cooking chocolate

Getting started with making your own chocolate at home? Then we have the ideal solution for you: our meltable callets or portionable tablets. So you can surprise your your friends and family with your own creations.


Add some extra bite to your chocolate with delicious nuts. Go for classic combinations like almond or hazelnut. Or are you looking for something new? Discover our recipes with macadamia nuts or pistachio and pecan from Mexico.


The combination of fruit and chocolate makes for surprising taste experiences. At Libeert, you can choose from a wide range of fruits from around the world, such as forest fruits, raspberry, lemon, cherry, orange, apricot, pineapple and so much more! Discover them all.


This is for the real sweet tooths: chocolate with all the best of the cookie department. Combine tablets and bars with brownie, pretzel, fudge, speculoos, French feuilletine or Italian meringue.


Do you want to add a crisp to your chocolate? Try puffed rice or Bolivian quinoa. For a natural, tasty crunch.


This delicious sweetener is a true classic, and fits all chocolate flavours. Choose between crispy caramel, salted caramel, butter caramel, or Italian honeycomb.


Everyone knows that salt adds more flavour to your food. But did you also know that salt gives a boost to the sweet flavour of chocolate in our mouths? It's a magical combination! And if you use coarse salt, you can also add extra structure to your chocolate tablet or bar. We have many different kinds on offer: sea salt, Fleur de sel, blue Persian salt, pink Himalayan salt, smoked salt...

Bars & Tablets

Now that you've chosen the ingredients and flavours for your chocolate, it's time to think about the looks. These are just as important when creating a delicious chocolate product. At Libeert, we have a wide range of both classic and innovative moulds and sizes to choose from. For bars as well as tablets (from 80 to 200 grams). Would you rather make your own design? Our designers are happy to help you during this development. Making chocolate is a specialist trade. That's why we make everything in-house at Libeert, from concept, to sketches and moulds, to finished products. 

Design: classic vs. fun

With the design of the chocolate tablet or bar, you can tell a story to the consumer. Go for a classic look or create your own design. Our product designer is ready and waiting!

Sustainable packaging

Choose the packaging that best suits the brand: a premium finished cardboard sleeve or rather a paper wrapper or flowpack? In order to help protect our environment, all of our paper and cardboard packaging is FSC certified. All of our other types of packaging are made of single materials and recyclable. This is how we strive for maximum sustainability, without loss of flavour.


The cartonette packaging is suitable for chocolate tablets in the size large, 80 and 100 grams. This sustainable packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard, so 100% recyclable. For the foil, protects the chocolate from light and loss of taste, you can choose between aluminium or bio-degradable material.

This type of packaging can be finished with gold foil or embossing for a premium look. In order to tell consumers more about the chocolate, a print in four colours can be added to the inside of the packaging, as well as a transparent opening at the front.

Paper wrapper

This paper wrapper is suitable for tablets in the sizes small (100/125/140/150 grams) and large (150/180/200 gram).
This sustainable packaging is made of FSC certified paper, so it's 100% recycleerbaar. For the foil, protects the chocolate from light and loss of taste, you can choose between aluminium or bio-degradable material.

For additional storytelling towards the consumers, a print in four colours can be added to the inside of the packaging.



The flowpack packaging is suitable for tablets in the sizes small (100/125/140/150 grams) and large (150/180/200 grams).

Aside from the standard foil, you can also use a paper flowpack or bio-degradable material. Both tablets and chocolate bars are available in these packaging materials.



“Did you know... that 1 in 5 people in Belgium eat chocolate every day?”

Josefien - Marketing

If you want to know more about the product development of chocolate tablets and bars, I'm the person to ask. I'm responsible for that process, from start to finish. We have so many different flavours, ingredients, types of packaging, shapes... a dream for every chocolate enthusiast! My favourite? White chocolate with pistachios, raspberries and feuilletine cookies, hmmm...

"Chocolate? I like to hide it in my stomach"

Laurent - Operations

My mission? Guaranteeing a pleasant and safe work environment, so we can give our customers the best chocolate products. And put smiles on the faces of our employees and consumers!

"Tablets with speculoos or caramel? Those are my favourites!"

Laurence - Sales

A multilingual, administrative and commercial all-rounder? Check! I make sure that our delicious chocolate is sold in France and Germany. Working at Libeert is full of surprises every day, so I could never get bored.

Fruit and nuts? Two essential flavours"

Luc - Finance

My work is very secret, even I don't know what I'm doing.

"My job is like a box of chocolates.."

Christine - Sales & Customer Service

..you never know what you’re gonna get." Every day, we face new challenges. We're not satisfied until our customers are. Customer Services = Creating Smiles!

"White chocolate with speculoos? Say no more.."

Michaël - R&D

Together with our Maître Chocolatier, I select the best chocolate and ingredients, according to the customer's wishes. My job allows me to be involved in the full process: from development in the kitchen to the final product on the shelves. Did you know that about 70% of all the cocoa that is used in the world for the production of chocolate, is cultivated in West Africa?

"When chocolate melts, it reveals all its flavours"

Virginie - Production

Every day, I see a lot of products on our production line, made of the tastiest chocolate. I make sure that they're packed with love and prepared to be sent to the customers. And then you can enjoy our delicious chocolate products, like I do.

"The secret ingredient is always chocolate!"

Jerome - Operations

The operational process? That's my responsibility. As member of the management team, I decide on a strategy with my colleagues, which we translate into a concrete operations approach. Literally and figuratively a big puzzle!

Josefien - Marketing

Laurent - Operations

Laurence - Sales

Luc - Finance

Christine - Sales & Customer Service

Michaël - R&D

Virginie - Production

Jerome - Operations


Tasty messages

Together with Libeert we made a chocolate tablet that adds a great value to my category.
If you are looking for an excellent product than you are at the right adress by Libeert. A good cooperation and an delicious product!
Our cooperation with Libeert went very well.
Libeert has an great development team. From trends to developments of the product, you are at the right place by Libeert.


Made in Belgium
Made in Belgium

Libeert chocolate is 100% Belgian, from design, to recipe, to finished product.


Every day, our designers create new figures that appeal to people of all ages.

Big on taste
Big on taste

The taste of Libeert chocolate is simply irresistable, thanks to our Maître Chocolatiers.


Libeert chocolate is made with 100% sustainably purchased cocoa.