"Hello, my name is Woolie. Or rather, my name will be Woolie. Because I don't actually exist yet. I am only an idea at the moment. What I will look like, I don't know yet. But, that I will be a nice piece of chocolate, that's for sure."
“Here you go. This already looks better. A Libeert artist has sketched me on paper. And just look, I'm a super cute little sheep. Is your mouth already watering? Well, then you'll just have to wait a while."
"Do you see this delicious chocolate fountain? It comes from the Maître Chocolatier, who knows all the secrets of tasty chocolate and who knows perfectly which chocolate and how much of it is needed to make the ideal chocolate figurine. I finally get a tangible form made with precision and love."
"Tada, here I am, Woolie is born. Don't I just look too delicious for words? Look at me smile. I am super happy."
“Almost forgot. In order to get to you, I first have to be wrapped in a nice Libeert packaging. Will we see each other in the shop? Then we can share wonderful moments."
“And when you are in the shop, come and say hello to all my little friends. There are always different figurines to be found when iet's time for Saint Nicholas, at Christmas and at Easter. All of us would like to welcome you to the big Libeert family." Discover also our NEW Deli Dino's!