Easter Chocolate Libeert

With our range of LIBEERT chocolate figurines, we turn festive moments such as Easter, Saint Nicholas and Christmas into magical moments. Our playful figures, with pure chocolate decorations, are there for the young and old to enjoy. Because we know that delicious, beautiful chocolate products are ideal as a gift, we have a luxury chocolate range, aimed at adults: the LIBEERT LUXURY RANGE. This innovative line consists of an attractive series of hollow chocolate figures for Christmas and Easter, packed in an exclusive, stylish gift box.


Sfeerfoto tabletten

The aroma of delicious cocoa, processed into the finest Belgian chocolate, that’s what LIBEERT stands for. The combination of pure quality and craftsmanship; the aromas released by breaking the chocolate tablet; a selection of delicious varieties. LIBEERT chocolate tablets and bars guarantee many moments of intense pleasure.


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LIBEERT chocolates are pure indulgence. The epitome of pleasure, the crisp chocolate shell and the delicious fillings will thrill all chocolate lovers. Our chocolates are the result of the passion and artisanship of our chocolatiers, a family tradition dating back to 1923, working only with delicious Belgian chocolate.